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Riding the Wave of Autism Awareness to National Media – NBC Nightly News

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abc nightly news with brian williams

nbc_nightly_news-showManaging media on a national scale is always a bit like “going to the show,” a euphemism for making it to the big leagues. Last week, the team at Durée & Company worked side by side with Emmy® award-winning international journalist Harry Smith of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams to produce a segment on our client, Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, Florida. The segment aired on Monday, April 21.

The D’Eri family, owners of Rising Tide Car Wash, have been spotlighted several times recently for their stellar work in creating a business model that employs and promotes those with autism. April is Autism Awareness Month, so the D’Eris have been very busy with not only running their successful car wash, but also making public appearances, sharing their story with others.

D'Eri FamilyPart of their outreach was being included in “Sounding the Alarm,” the recognized documentary produced by Autism Speaks that shares what it’s really like to have a family member or loved one with autism. The movie, which has been screened across the country, will be shared as part of the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

When NBC learned of the documentary and Rising Tide, our PR lives became even more exciting. We were thrilled beyond words that our client was showcased on NBC Nightly News. Our team spent the night of Monday, April 21 handling the social media for Rising Tide, and watching the “wave” of the TV segment from the East to West Coasts.

The work is worth the reward, and “going to the show” remains a thrill. The outpouring of support for Rising Tide is amazing. Thank you, Harry Smith, Brian Williams, NBC and Autism Speaks for placing Rising Tide Car Wash in the middle of this rising wave of autism awareness. We’re only getting started.

Click here to view the segment.

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