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Top 4 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Marketing and SEO

By January 31, 2023No Comments

In our fast-paced, binge-watching world, a brand’s blog has mere seconds to make an indelible impression. It must not only have scroll-stopping power, but it should also entice readers to make a return visit. At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we know producing quality blog posts, using SEO (search engine optimization) and clear, concise content matched up with engaging headlines and subheadings, are critical components to capturing and growing an audience.

The four pillars of blogging for marketing and SEO are building brand awareness, generating leads, increasing SEO and repurposing content.

Brand Awareness 

Blogging brings in more traffic with visibility in search results, which helps build brand awareness and authority. Crafting well-written blog posts with engaging content complemented by beautiful images is as important as keeping in mind a brand’s target audience. Ranking high in searches results in traffic and leads, which a communications agency knows can help convert customers and help build this audience.

Once a blog is published, a brand can promote it on its social media platforms and increase the SEO for a company’s website. Once shared, people have the opportunity to click on the blog post link, like, comment, or better yet, share the social post and increase awareness, traffic to the site, and potential revenue. 

Lead Generation 

Brands that consistently blog as part of their content marketing strategy receive 67% more leads monthly than those that don’t, according to HubSpot. Further support of this statistic found that companies blogging 15 or more times per month can see 5x more traffic when compared to companies that don’t blog at all. More leads and more traffic are the winning combinations for any brand.

If customers enjoy what they read, they are more likely to want more information about the company. This leads to people subscribing to newsletters and following a brand on social media. Interest like this can quickly become clicks that lead to sales. Finding blog content that is engaging, informative, or even fun can help motivate a person into becoming a customer.

Increase SEO 

Receiving more leads is directly linked to increasing SEO practices. We know search engine optimization drives traffic to a website, and we also know strong relationships drive trust. Once a site is considered a trustworthy source, by people and algorithms, it will more likely be linked within another website or backlinked. And the benefits of having even one influential person share a brand’s content can result in 31.8% more social shares, according to Sprout Social.

Blogging affords a brand the ability to create quality, shareable content. It also establishes a brand as an authoritative voice in its industry while increasing SEO. Taking the time to infuse well-researched keywords into a brand’s existing content strategy, can generate leads to a website while supporting offline marketing efforts.

Repurposing Content 

Once a brand has created the perfect SEO-infused, quality content, it may seem quite the undertaking to do it all again day in and day out. However, a better use of time is to repurpose what a brand already has and get it in front of more people.

For example, a blog post can easily become a social media post (remember those click through opportunities mentioned above). The same content can also become a podcast episode, reimagined into video content, or explored further as a case study. Repurposing existing content could be an untapped resource for a brand to pursue.

The best-case scenario is one that leads to someone reading, listening, or watching this content and searching Google for more information about the company that created it. It’s a win for both the brand and its future customers.

Finding the right marketing mix of repurposed content increased SEO, lead generation tactics and brand awareness is easily achieved with the help of the seasoned branding professionals at PR agency Durée & Company. We can assist with keeping brands up to date about blogging for marketing and SEO and so much more. Contact us today to find out how!


About Durée & Company 

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