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National Entrepreneurs’ Day celebrates the entrepreneurs who are the foundation of our country. In honor of this day, the Durée & Company #Dynamos wanted to take a moment to thank our mentors who shared their wisdom and counsel. Mentor’s help us see the truth about our dreams – that they are not only possible but also necessary for our communities.

  1.   Anticipate The Future

“I have had numerous mentors! One of my favorites taught me to be proactive, ahead of the curve to anticipate something before a client asks for it. Also, not to take “no” from a journalist. Find another way around it.” – Durée Mellion Ross, President

2. Take Initiative

” I have had many mentors throughout my career. They’ve all stressed the importance of speaking up and showing initiative. It’s critical to bring new ideas to the table and keep up with industry trends.”

3. Never Stop Learning

“The best advice I received from my mentor and college professor, was to always take initiative, ask questions, and continue to learn.” – Alisha Sheth, Account Coordinator

4.  Work Hard, Seek Wisdom

“Every day before school when my siblings and I were younger my dad would say “Work hard, seek wisdom!” before we left and that always stuck with me to work hard and continue to learn/gain knowledge every day!” – Caroline Williams, Account Executive

5.  Trust Your Gut

“A close family friend and mentor of mine once told me to always go with my gut, even if it meant switching my profession/specialty a couple times until I found what I actually enjoyed doing.” – Gaby Provenzano, Account Coordinator

6.  Stay True to Yourself

“My dad is my greatest mentor and he always insists that I stay true to myself and follow my path – not someone else’s.” – Jackie Shames, Senior Account Executive

7.  Choose Your Battles

“My Dad is one of the most zen people I know and my most treasured mentor. He taught me to choose my battles and never go to bed upset.” – Patricia Castillo, Office Manager

8.  Go For the Gold

“My mentors are my parents who’ve worked for everything that they have to date. They inspired me to attend a great university and aim for a career that I’m passionate about. They will always be my #1 cheerleaders.” – Samantha Mozdzierz, Account Executive

9.  Lead With Enthusiasm

“My first boss in PR was the polar opposite of myself. An eternal optimist, he taught me two simple words to live by each day: Kick @ss! Seems silly but his enthusiasm for life and his career really rubbed off after 2 years working side by side. Everything I learned about this industry started with him.” – Shannon O’Reilly, Account Manager

10.  What’s the Worst That Could Happen

“My favorite mentor taught me to think about the worst that could happen when I get anxious about taking the leap. When you go there, you realize that you can overcome any obstacle or outcome.” – Melissa Martinez, Social Media Manager

11. Listen More

“Years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing a very decorated retired U.S. Navy SEAL. During one of our conversations about how he’d successfully moved up the chain of command, he said ‘You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Learn to listen.’ It’s always stuck with me as sage advice.”- Sue Reddy Silverman, Account Director

From our homes, classrooms, and workplaces, mentors have guided us to excel and take leaps. Now it’s your turn, which lesson from your mentor has stuck with you? Let us know on Twitter, @DureeCoPR.


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