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What is Clubhouse? A PR Firm’s Perspective on How to Use it for Your Brand or Business

By January 12, 2021January 13th, 2021No Comments

A new audio-based social media app, Clubhouse, is taking the world by storm. It has the ability to significantly enhance the way that brands and businesses do PR and marketing. As longtime publicists, we at Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company put into perspective how Clubhouse can be a great new platform to leverage a business … if you get the invitation to use it.

What is it?

Yes, as of now, Clubhouse is an invitation-only app that prides itself on exclusivity. The app has, however, hinted it plans to expand to the general public soon.

Clubhouse defines itself as a “a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

With Clubhouse, participants can join and leave different chats covering various subjects, while they listen or offer up their own thoughts. It’s almost like a live, fluid podcast.

The app allows users to hear and perhaps participate in straightforward conversations with famous and powerful people. Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, and MC Hammer are just a few of the celebrities who have been known to frequent ― and even host chats ― on Clubhouse. Any participant can start a room.

What does Clubhouse mean for promoting a brand or business?

When participants provide value, they can really get noticed. The sky is the limit for anyone, but industries such as real estate, cannabis and CBD, business, legal, restaurants and hospitality, retail and fashion, and travel and tourism can greatly benefit from the opportunities that Clubhouse presents.

Just like a side conversation at a conference, Clubhouse provides a robust way to make business connections. The difference is that instead of exchanging business cards, people can check out others’ Instagram or Twitter accounts. And that is where the networking begins.

Clubhouse is also a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs to give advice, gain popularity, and increase their business, because there are many well-connected people leading rich conversations.

What’s unique about Clubhouse?

Nothing is recorded. It’s audio only, so all they need is their avatar. There’s no private messaging nor written comments.

If you can’t find an invitation, don’t fret. If you’re an iPhone user, download the app and reserve a username. Someone you know might automatically be notified in-app, and give you access.

While Clubhouse is fairly new, it is very impactful. Contact us at Durée & Company to find out how you can possibly use this powerful app to leverage your business, make contacts, and gain awareness that you never thought possible.


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