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10 Skills Needed to Pull Off a Successful PR Campaign

By June 21, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments

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At Fort Lauderdale-based public relations firm Durée & Company, we’re always working to polish our PR skills. And while we spend a lot of time with newer channels including social media and digital marketing, it’s always time well spent to go back revisit some “PR 101” initiatives.

It takes a distinct constellation of attributes to be a successful PR professional, but it also requires a specific skill set to execute a successful PR campaign. Below, we put together a list (because we love efficient lists!) of skills needed to pull off a successful PR campaign, including tips to think about while strategizing your campaign.

  1. Research – Know the industry and market in which you’re creating a campaign. Tip: Details count!
  2. Competition – Know what is unique about your product or service. Tip: What separates you from the competition?
  3. The Hook – Know what’s newsworthy. Tip: What will ‘hook’ the media in your campaign?
  4. Strategy – Have clearly defined goals and objectives. Tip: These should be realistic and obtainable.
  5. Features and Benefits – Know the features and benefits of your product of service. Tip: Think what will attract the end user?
  6. Elevator Pitch – Create brief, bulleted talking points about your product or service. Tip: Make it so succinct that you could deliver in a short elevator ride.
  7. AP-Style Writing – All written communication must adhere to the Associated Press Stylebook. Tip: Invest in an AP Stylebook.
  8. Appropriate Contacts – Do your homework. Tip: Know the media outlets you are pitching and what the reporters at each outlet would be interested in.
  9. One Size Does Not Fit All – Customize each pitch to the appropriate outlet. Tip: Never mass email.
  10. Follow Up, Follow Up and Follow Up. Persistence and tenacity pay off here, but be polite and professional. Tip: Confirm receipt of the email. Inquire if any additional information is needed. Confirm attendance if it’s for an event.

Each of these skills are necessary in achieving a successful PR campaign. Although some may seem like no-brainers, it’s always good to revisit this information every once in a while, as this fast-paced industry is always changing.

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