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5 Takeaways from Gary Vee’s Agent2021 Event

By February 19, 2019No Comments

After 19 years in business, we at Aspen, Colorado and Fort Lauderdale, Florida PR agency Durée & Company are always eager to learn something new and gain new perspectives about how to grow. At the Jan. 17, 2019 second annual Agent2021, a one-day conference at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, we were completely inspired by successful serial entrepreneur and VaynerX Chairman Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), along with his digital agency VaynerMedia, both producers of the event. 

The one-of-a-kind conference, which attracts attendees from across the U.S., educates real estate, auto, insurance and mortgage agents and brokers with in-depth information about digital media’s most powerful tools, platforms and tactics.

A long list of impressive speakers, including Matt Higgins, investor on the ABC show “Shark Tank” and co-founder/CEO of RSE Ventures; John Henry, an American entrepreneur who is a partner at Harlem Capital and host of the Viceland TV show “Hustle”; and experts from prestigious organizations such as VaynerMedia, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Chase Home Lending, Citizens Bank, Fidelity National Financial, and many more shared their knowledge.

We were beyond impressed with the variety of presenters from near and afar! We learned real time application tips from Instagram and Facebook executives to elevate our posts, while The Jills’ Executive VP of Sales Danny Hertzberg gave us a lesson in real estate personal branding for social media.

The best part of the conference? Taking notes from Gary Vee and the speakers who all shared candid advice and their truths about achieving success. Here are 5 quotes that we loved from this motivating event:

1. “When it snowed, I wanted to shovel driveways; not build snowmen.” – Gary Vee

We’ve all heard the famous quote, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” and this is certainly true, but this quote reaches much further and really ignites people to seize the opportunity. Life is all about timing, and some of the best opportunities come when you seize the day.

2. “You can’t outsource a personal brand.” – Gary Vee

We heard a lot about personal branding and that this will continue to be a theme for 2019. With a solid personal brand in place, you can better strategize for the right business opportunities. A personal brand should be authentic and has to come from within.

3. “The best way to build a huge following is to actually give a sh– about your small following.” – Gary Vee

Oops! Gary Vee is known for an expletive or two, but we love this quote anyway! It’s important to remember where you started, and those who have been loyal to you. As a best business practice, the same level of care, thought and grit should go into a large endeavor as was present in a small one. Many companies start with one customer.

4. “It’s hard to motivate when you’re feeding everybody.” – Gary Vee

This one is all about empowerment. It’s so important to empower others to develop their own autonomy and goals. Everyone must learn to swim for themselves. Nothing comes easy or free; it takes hard work and hustle.

5. “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” – John Henry

Simply stated, if you are a detailed person, it should resonate in all that you do. Exercise the same level of care, commitment, passion, diligence and dedication in every task, big or small. Those who are successful in their fields have built reputations by being consistent in their work and never underestimating the power of their own self-worth.

The key takeaway? Anyone who wants to grow their business needs to innovate. Gary Vee showed us many new perspectives on how to do that. How do you plan to innovate within your business this year?

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