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5 Tips for Brands Working with Celebrities

By January 28, 2020No Comments
Snoop Dogg at pink taco

Brands today are spending millions on celebrity endorsements and celebrity appearances, but why? Well for one, the presence of a celebrity at an event can almost guarantee the attendance of the media. It’s also a sign of the times – in today’s celeb-driven culture, the public is generally swayed by celebrity opinions and drawn to knowing their day-to-day. Admit it, whether you’re a fan or a critic, you can’t help but be interested in what those famous people are up to; what they’re eating, who they’re wearing, where they’re going and so on.

Here at Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we’ve worked with high-profile clients and have in-depth experience with celebrity wrangling and managing appearances. This includes working with the celebrity’s ‘entourage’ and public relations/management team. We understand the negotiation involved and how to leverage celebrity appearances and brand ambassador partnerships in order to maximize the PR potential.

Before you strut into the red-carpet world of glitz and glam, be sure to take a look at the Dynamos’ 5 when working with celebrities to leverage your brand.

Do your homework.

When searching for that perfect celebrity to represent your brand, ensure they’re relevant and relatable to your audience. Just as you wouldn’t advertise a yachting brand in a medical journal, you wouldn’t want to associate your brand with a celebrity that has no relationship to your product or service. For instance, if your company sells CBD, maybe you would connect with a celebrity who favors a holistic lifestyle. If your restaurant is a popular party destination, potentially aim for that celebrity with a nightlife flair. This approach works both ways – meaning, celebrities are also tasked with doing their homework and ensuring your brand is relevant to their personal brand.

Be prepared to make sacrifices.

Many celebrities have grown accustomed to getting what they want, when they want. This means they’re less likely to make sacrifices, therefore you will have to. From press tours to red carpet premieres, high-profile celebrities have very busy schedules, oftentimes booked for appearances back to back to back, so expect to keep things brief. Their packed schedule means they’ll likely arrive at the exact time they are needed and depart once they are not – leaving minimal time for friendly chit chat. Also, be prepared to pay a tad more than you budgeted for as celebrities come with expenses that the everyday folk does not – think: airfare, transportation, accommodations, hair, makeup, wardrobe…the laundry list goes on. Overall, you may have to change your plans to accommodate them. But, the positive influence for your brand can be priceless!

Don’t forget, you’re at work.

Stay professional. To them this is a job, so they will expect you to act in a professional manner. Although you may be a huge fan of the celebrity, you should behave exactly as you would on any other project with any other client. We completely understand. It can be thrilling to work with someone so recognizable, but you must do your best to make them feel comfortable and confident in your professional work. If you appear to be a giddy fan, they are less likely to trust you on a professional level.

Be wary of what was agreed upon in the contract.

When partnering with a celebrity, whether it be for an appearance at an event, a social media post or a brand ambassadorship, there is usually a binding contract. The entire process typically requires a signed contract from both you, as the brand, and the celebrity. So, make sure you completely understand what they have agreed to do, and more importantly, not to do. We urge you, try not to ask for more than what was agreed upon day-of. For instance, when working with Los Angeles-based Mexican restaurant Pink Taco for its Miami Beach/ Ocean Drive opening, the restaurant secured an appearance by Snoop Dogg. Within the contract, he agreed to arrive at the party, take a select number of photos with specific individuals, perform a 1-hour DJ set and leave. Had we requested an extra hour of music or additional photos on the spot, we run the risk of breaching the contract. In general, all negotiations should be made prior to the event in order to avoid awkward situations or potential legal issues.

Take advantage of the pics.

Whether we’re pitching media for pre-event coverage or sending out the photos after the fact, tying a celebrity name to the event or brand is a huge media draw. Not only will their name help get bodies in the door, the photos will certainly get picked up by various publications. After all your hard work negotiating and wrangling, it’s time to get the media recognition you deserve. As mentioned before, the appearance of a celebrity is almost guaranteed to attract media attention, so be sure to capitalize on that! Many publications reserve a page or two for “celeb spottings,” which can be a great plug for your brand, even if the focus is on the celebrity. For example, when the Dynamos handled the grand opening event for a Fort Lauderdale cocktail bar, a guest appearance by DJ Khaled certainly helped those media placements take off! Because of those celeb shots, the bar’s opening was featured in national publications including TMZ, Daily Mail, OK! Magazine and so many more.

From Paula Deen to Snoop Dogg and DJ Khaled to Patti Stanger, we’ve discovered that celebrities and their management team require a different approach than working with your run-of-the-mill business owner. Not sure where to begin? Well, we have the celebrity know-how to identify, create, implement and leverage these opportunities and will work with your team to make them happen. So, give us a call!

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