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7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate You Can’t Afford to Overlook

By October 5, 2021No Comments
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Social media can help real estate professionals cast a wide net when searching for potential sellers, buyers, and clients in the right area at the right time. At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we work with real estate clients, such as high-end developers, real estate agents, real estate brokerages, builders and other professionals from with the real estate industry, and have the inside scoop on how to create the most exposure for on social media. Social media has become a fundamental piece in every real estate marketing toolkit. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming anymore. Here are seven tips to building a larger audience, engaging with them, and bringing in more business.

Use Facebook/Instagram Ads

According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of real estate agents already use social media in some way. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for real estate marketing because of the visual scrolling features. People typically go on social media to see images and videos that capture their interest. So why not show off those gorgeous properties?

Social media ads are an effective source of lead generation. More “likes” and engagement equals more views, more consumers, and more sales. Facebook and Instagram ads can target specific users and drive them to a business page. There, they can take a high-value action like scheduling a meeting, taking a property tour or inquiring for more information.

Use Quality Photos

For most real estate agents, the secret to an engaging social media presence is using extraordinary, high-resolution professional photos. Let Facebook and Instagram act as the stage and let the property be the star of the show. By sharing a combination of thoughtful, authentic content and engaging sales ad content, real estate professionals can project themselves as industry leaders and the type of person that closes deals.

There is a phrase that says, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But when many people shop for a home, that’s exactly what they do. This is why property photos need to stand out. Images on social media should take viewers on a tour of each room. This includes all bedrooms and bathrooms, the common living spaces, the basement, inside the garage, and around the grounds. Images should quickly and professionally showcase the listing. Today’s technologically savvy clients appreciate the convenience of seeing the property in advance for both long distance and nearby/local moves.

The pandemic introduced some interesting trends in the home buying market. Many homes are sold within hours. Buyers are closing on homes that they haven’t seen in person but have looked at via videos, photos and virtual home tours.

Share Video Content and Feature Home Tours

Social media on every platform (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.) is becoming more video-centric. Conducting live tours on social media as a team can be a great way to reach a wide audience while having some fun along the way. Virtual tours have become one of the most popular ways to showcase a listing and reach a wide audience in the process. Virtual showings also provide a competitive advantage in a limited-inventory market. It allows clients to quickly view a home and make an offer before anyone else has a chance to.

At Durée & Company, we recommend using short “snackable” content. This catches the viewer’s attention and gives them a reason to give you a call. Capture footage that features the best parts of a listing and its standout features. Consider sharing a story on Instagram and using on-screen text to highlight the best facts of the home like a home theater, open floorplans, proximity to nearby shopping, etc.

Feature Company Awards/Milestones

Real estate continues to be a fiercely competitive industry. Real estate professionals need to show their audience/followers why they should be working with them over other competitors. Don’t be shy about boasting your brand’s accomplishments. With a crowded market and intense competition, awards and other distinctions can help a real estate professional win over clients. Awards and milestones are a great way to be acknowledged for excellence in the community and showcase the quality behind a brand. Not only do awards improve brand awareness, sharing success stories helps consumers get to know the people behind the brand.

Use Geolocation and Geotargeting

Geolocation targeting is an advertising feature that personalizes customer communications based on their whereabouts. Targeting can be done by country, state, city, ZIP code, or GPS location. For realtors in search of new home buyers or sellers, geotargeting can help advance a real estate social media plan. Facebook ads offer in-app geotargeting tools. The site’s features can be used to promote posts to consumers when they enter the digital “fence” created around a particular area or zip code. If potential home buyers drive by properties that are for sale and they see the listings on social media, they will likely make the effort to pay a visit.

Research Hashtags

Whenever hashtags are added to a social media content, platforms index it so that it’s searchable by other users. A few minutes of research could make all the difference when trying to place a business in front of people who are looking to buy or sell a home. It’s important to find hashtags your target audience is using and engaging with. Use hashtags to show off features of the home like #fireplace or #WhiteKitchen. This can get in front of buyers who may be interested in a specific type of home or searching for their top wish list items. Also, take advantage of the many hashtag holidays that are consistently trending. Do not underestimate the power of hashtags. They can lead to increased visibility and higher engagement rates.

Distribute Industry Market News and Trends

No matter where the business is, the real estate market is constantly evolving. Whether it’s advice, helpful content, or industry data reports, it’s important to be positioned to media, clients and potential clients as an expert in the industry. Many home buyers or sellers might not know the right time to buy or sell real estate. This is where a real estate professional’s expertise comes into play!

Use your social media to feature as a tool to provide valuable market information. Share thought leadership articles, infographics and more. Local, national and trade media publications are constantly writing stories about the latest real estate trends and what’s hot in the market. Public relations agencies can help vet these opportunities and share the details for fitting opportunities. The more quality features a real estate professional earns, the more credibility they earn with existing and future clients.

Let our team set you up for success by raising the bar and elevating your social media presence in real estate. If you’re looking for an experienced PR and marketing agency to help you with your real estate needs or show off picture-perfect homes or properties, please be sure to contact us. Call our Fort Lauderdale office at 954.723.9350, Aspen office at 970.452.2195, or email us at

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