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Click, Click, Buy: Shoppable Content is the New Trend in Digital Marketing

By April 23, 2019No Comments

It’s no secret that, with the internet quite literally in the palm of our hands, digital marketing seems to be at the forefront when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Here at Fort Lauderdale and Aspen PR agency Durée & Company, we are no stranger to this web-based tactic. For those who may not know, digital marketing is just that – ‘marketing’ your brand through ‘digital’ platforms, aka the internet. However, many people don’t realize there are various ways to utilize digital marketing, beyond Facebook posting and creating websites

One form of digital marketing that is currently on the rise is shoppable content. Shoppable content is a form of digital marketing that blends the use of content and commerce. It combines engaging nonsalesy content with an opportunity to shop for merchandise just a click away. The key idea of shoppable content is to satisfy the immediate purchasing desire that content creates in the heart of the readers. For example, think about all those times when you were flipping through a magazine filled with gorgeous models wearing beautiful things, and thinking “I want that!” yet not being able to do anything about it. Shoppable content allows you to spot that gorgeous model in the (digital) magazine wearing that beautiful thing and click, click, buy it!  

Shoppable content goes beyond digital magazines, however. Brands are also incorporating this digital marketing trend on social media, weaving it into videos, and harnessing the power of shoppable photography. Next time you’re Googling for dresses and come across a beautiful new Rene Ruiz Collection gown designed by Luis Escudero, imagine how convenient it would be for you to be able to simply click the photo, click your size, and buy! Or, perhaps you’re watching a video of your favorite celebrity’s morning routine and those delicious looking Veritas Farms CBD gummies they popped in their mouth are calling your name – click, click, buy! Maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram and that cheetah print tank on B. Dazzled’s Instagram catches your eye – click, click, buy!

But, shoppable content isn’t for everyone. Simply speaking, if your brand’s product or service is not available for purchase online, then shoppable content isn’t for you. However, if customers can buy what you’re selling on the web, then your brand may just reap several benefits. 

One benefit of shoppable content is that you’re creating a simplified buying funnel since there will be a connection between the content and the products showcased in it. Consumers who are interested in your brand are more likely to view your content and therefore more likely to continuously add products to their cart while enjoying said content. You’re also guiding the customer directly to your brand’s website, which may, in turn, lead to additional purchases. Shoppable content also provides you with extremely beneficial insight to your customers. While consumers are engaging with the interactive content, brands are able to then identify their customer funnel and figure out platforms where their campaigns are performing well. This data can be utilized to find potential customers and engage them with personalized offers.

Overall, the idea behind shoppable content is to make purchasing your brand’s product or service easy for your customer and due to the rapidly evolving World Wide Web, we are sure to see more examples of shoppable content emerging from all kinds of brands. This is simply because brands strive to be where the customers are, and modern-day customers desire instant accessibility. Armed with iPhones and smart technology, they have a high expectation of how products should be presented as well as how fast they should be accessed.

Digital marketing trends are always emerging so don’t worry about keeping up with the latest fad – that’s where we come in! Give us a call and we’re happy to bring your brand into the future of PR

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