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Building the Foundation for Construction with PR

By June 18, 2019No Comments
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At Aspen and Fort Lauderdale PR Agency Durée & Company, we have worked with some of the most reputable general contractors and construction management firms throughout South Florida. We not only create buzz about our clients’ portfolios and current projects, but also their overall brands. Throughout our 20 years in business, we have learned that while general contractors are typically so focused on building projects for clients, they sometimes forget to build up their own reputation. When adding public relations into the mix, construction companies can increase their credibility and exposure, which can lead to better market position and profitability.

With years of experience providing these construction companies with strategic PR services, we are sharing our PR blueprint for success:

Laying the Foundation

Just as any construction project begins at the drawing board, so does public relations. At Durée & Company, we help our clients elevate their overall brand. A brand should reflect a company’s core values and vision in the best light and show why someone would want to work with a company. It represents more than a company’s services. Through branding, consumers can relate to a business and understand what makes it different, and ultimately what that business can bring to a potential project.

While construction isn’t always glamorous, creating unique templates, using captivating colors, sharing progress photos and beautiful videos of projects are also a crucial part of the branding process. These elements not only attract people to a company’s website and social media channels and keep them there, but they also help to visually tell a company’s story. When they are all put together in a cohesive and strategic way, they help build a client’s corporate identity.

Through our PR efforts, verbal and visual, we look to paint a clearer picture of a client’s business and what sets it apart from the competition. This includes making sure quality content is at the core of marketing activities, by developing engaging content and making it a priority across every social media platform. Most importantly, we merchandise and display the client’s philosophy and message to help garner positive exposure from customers and the media alike.

In the end, it is about laying the appropriate foundation to establish a solid brand based on trust, experience and knowledge.

Building the Story

Building a strong reputation is what keeps customers coming back. With public relations, we can help businesses speak on relevant topics in the industry with authority, discuss industry trends or highlight relevant news to increase credibility in the field.

Staying up-to-date with breaking news is critical when leveraging media opportunities for construction clientele. In recent years, increases on tariffs have been imposed on raw materials, creating a stir in the construction industry. So what did we do? We pitched it! By using this trending topic to our client’s advantage, we proactively created a unique opportunity for our clients at Marker Construction Group to provide insight on the buzzworthy topic.

Our goal is to create buzz to get readers as excited as we are about our clients’ projects. We do this by writing engaging press releases, pursuing the media with the news, and sharing it across social media platforms. Construction in South Florida is booming, and new construction projects are always on the horizon. Highlighting construction progress step-by-step on social media outlets is a great way to keep viewers in-the-know about projects and build up the anticipation. Showcasing projects from start to finish using time-lapse imagery and drone footage, and playing up and repurposing press clips and internal news about a company, keeps followers coming back for the next newsworthy update.

Topping it Off

The best part of any construction project: topping it off! PR is a vehicle to top off a company’s accomplishments and to gain exposure through a number of channels. Once clients have achieved success, then it’s time to toot their own horn and show off their achievements.

Awards, accolades and milestones are a great way to be recognized for excellence in the community, quality work and important contributions to the construction field. Winning an industry award or accolade can work wonders for a business or brand when leveraged properly. People want to know when a business is qualified to speak on a topic someone is passionate about, and an easy way to do that is through merchandising success. Not only do awards improve brand awareness, but sharing success stories helps consumers get to know the people behind the brand.

Identifying speaking engagements and conferences in which construction clients can participate can help gain exposure by showing off their expertise in the field and aid in new business development. Serving as a panelist at these engagements puts a face to the brand and allows customers to recognize not only the impressive work, but a team as leading professionals in the field.

In addition to people in the community noticing a client’s achievements, it can also increase company morale or help seek out good talent. Our PR experts at D&Co know the best way to share what’s unique about a company and identify opportunities using all of these components that make a company special. We know how stellar our clients are; the world should too!

Finally, we’ll top it off with a fabulous event to show the finished product. No construction project is complete without a proper top off, and the same goes for amazing public relations for construction companies.

At Durée & Company, we gain exposure for construction clients by incorporating media relations, event planning, branding and social media ― ultimately getting our clients well-deserved recognition and exposure. If you are searching for an experienced PR, marketing and special events firm that knows how to get the word out about your construction firm, contact us at 954.723.9350 in Florida or at 970.452.2195 in Aspen.

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