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How to Leverage Influencers to Increase Restaurant Traffic

By June 25, 2019March 23rd, 2021No Comments
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With chic, trendy restaurants emerging everywhere, it’s more crucial than ever to have a concept that stands out. At Aspen and Fort Lauderdale public relations agency Durée & Company, we have worked with a number of restaurant brands, working to drive more traffic. In today’s restaurant industry, working with social media influencers to promote a restaurant’s concept has become increasingly important.

Below, we’ve laid out some of the top ingredients for working with influencers, which can lead a restaurant to success.

Allow influencers to become brand ambassadors. There is no doubt that competition in the restaurant industry is continuing to grow, and influencers can become brand ambassadors. This often starts with inviting select influencers for a complimentary media dine, in which they taste various menu items, and in return post on their social media, blog, etc. Leveraging these relationships will not only result in the influencers posting great content to share with their followers, but they can also share their positive experience through word-of-mouth. Though word-of-mouth may seem old school, it is very real and organic. Just think, if a friend said he went to a restaurant that had amazing food and a great atmosphere, you would be sure to add that to your list of places to go. The same goes for negative word-of-mouth, which is why it’s important to build these good relationships with influencers.

Create Instagramable moments. Dining has changed. A majority of people prefer casual dining over fine dining ― and it’s all about the experience! Creating Instagramable backdrops has become an important factor in driving traffic. Does the restaurant serve a crazy big cocktail in a unique glass? How about a wall with a vibrant mural? Influencers look for these one-of-a-kind aspects that will make good “wow factor” content for their followers. So how does this benefit the restaurant? Those following these influencers do so because they not only like their content, but they trust that it’s authentic. Once an influencer posts, his or her followers will also want to visit the restaurant so they can take pictures and share the same premium content on their social media channels.

Let local influencers reach the eyes of the right audience. Though influencers with a huge following are great for exposure, working with micro-influencers who are familiar with the brand and the area is key to developing repeat customers. To really leverage this coverage, the restaurant may repost what the influencer shared and engage with the post. Engagement brings greater brand awareness and can make it easier to gain new customers and followers. Plus, these posts create content that the restaurant can share in the future. For example, when National Sushi Day comes around and an influencer previously posted an image of the yummy sushi, the restaurant can use that image and tag the influencer to give him or her credit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

At Durée & Company, we’re constantly researching and staying on top of what social media influencers are posting to know the latest trends in posting about restaurants. How restaurants work with influencers will continue to evolve, and each restaurant’s marketing plan should include a budget for working with social media influencers. Knowing an influencer’s brand and her follower demographic will help ensure that both parties are satisfied with the partnership.

If you are searching for an experienced PR, marketing and special events firm that knows the recipe for success, contact Durée & Company at 954.723.9350 in Florida or 970.452.2195 in Aspen.

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