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COVID-19: 5 Best Practices for Partnering with Nonprofits

By May 5, 2020May 6th, 2020No Comments
partnering with nonprofits

Business-savvy companies know that partnering with a nonprofit organization can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Not only can corporate social responsibility (CSR) improve their public image, but it can be attractive to investors and employees who care about doing good in the community. And while partnerships with nonprofits are part of the fabric of many companies, some still struggle with finding – and building – alliances that are both mutually beneficial and impact their bottom line. A recent case in point: the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has companies concerned about how they can help their communities during a time of need.

At Aspen and Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we help connect these dots for clients, as we not only understand the ‘how’ but also the ‘why.’ Is there a formula for success? Every company is different, but we’ve compiled our five top tips below that will set companies up for the win when partnering with a nonprofit.

  1. Look to your local community – Even if you are a big brand, making the local connection is critical. When establishing a nonprofit partnership, it’s important to make sure the partnership entails a local presence in communities where the company is present. This brings authenticity and compassion to your brand, communicating that you truly care about the immediate community that you serve.
  2. Relate back to your business – Companies tend to experience more positive outcomes when they create partnerships with entities that are relevant and share similar values. It also helps to align with those that share a common denominator. For example, it makes sense for a restaurant or hospitality brand to partner with a local food bank. The takeaway: line up a partnership with your company mission. If you’re in this for the right reasons, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to build the connection in a way that also helps your brand.
  3. Be authentic – This goes without saying: companies need to forge alliances for the right reasons, and anything that is less than sincere will be immediately recognized. A company should be upfront in regard to what it’s looking to achieve through the partnership. The connection is likely to yield positive results if both entities have similar values.
  4. Engage your own employees – When companies look for ways to optimize their relationships with nonprofits, the most authentic way is to engage their own employees. As mentioned earlier, companies that embrace philanthropy and do good in the community build reputations that are admired from the outside but also from the inside. Your employees are your best advocates and getting them behind your corporate social responsibility programming only brings more value and authenticity to the partnership.
  5. Influence your customers and fans – Good news spreads quickly, and if your partnership is as authentic, sincere and mutually beneficial as you believe it is, then it shouldn’t take much convincing to get your customers and fans to support your efforts. Share specific ways people can volunteer at or give back to your nonprofit partner. This allows your community to be a part of the greater good. Invite employees from your nonprofit partner to your events, share the story of your community work in your marketing, and be a corporate sponsor at your partner’s events.

Partnerships are about creating a synergy between your company and a nonprofit in a way that increases the impact of both entities. With the tips above, you can set your company on a path for success while building a compelling story of service for your community. Need help connecting the dots? Give us a call and we’ll help you build a winning strategy.

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