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How PR Can Improve Legal Credibility

By October 29, 2014 No Comments
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2ea8f65e-1706-47b0-ad3f-5f4e21b6b4b7Marketing messages for law firms pop up in the most unique places. The team at public relations firm Durée & Company has seen advertisements for legal services on billboards, TV commercials and of course, on Facebook.

It makes us think about how PR does the job so much better. Some of our valued clients are reputable and established law firms – Lubell Rosen, Gladstone & Weismann, P.A., Law Offices of Richard Tendler and RKE Law Group – and we represent them in the same manner as they represent their clients, with dignity, professionalism and integrity.

So when we approach how to market their services, we think in terms of building credibility among potential clients. Where would we want our clients to be – on a billboard or in an article speaking to the latest trends in legal representation? What will serve their reputations more – a 15-second TV spot that runs at 2 a.m., or being the expert on a local news segment about the ramifications of a national court case?

We believe that strategic public and media relations are best used with our legal clients to increase authenticity, build a brand and establish a reputation for excellence. To that end, we work closely with the legal reporters and news writers at the local papers. We offer our legal clients as local and regional experts on issues within their areas of expertise. And we nominate our clients for industry and professional awards, which throw a spotlight of credibility on their credentials.

The team at Durée & Company is also keenly aware that lawyers are people with families, personal missions and real lives. We try through PR to humanize attorneys with story ideas about their donations to charity and community involvement – all of this matters when it comes to building credibility.

Because when you need an attorney, you want one who understands your problem, champions your beliefs, earns your trust, knows the law and has a track record of success. PR can help potential clients make this choice by providing substantial information across a variety of mediums – magazines, newspapers, industry publications, blogs, social media and TV.

Can you really say the same about a billboard?

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