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At Fort Lauderdale PR firm Durée & Company, no one day is ever the same. As publicists, we are responsible for juggling many projects, tasks and deadlines. From drafting up the latest press release for a grand opening, to coordinating a special event, dealing with a crisis, or even running numerous social media accounts, we’re always on the go! There’s no such thing as a dull moment in PR.

Everyone has an idea of what public relations is all about, so in honor of National Publicist Day, the D&Co Dynamos thought it would be funny to see what our friends and families think we do on a daily basis.

“My family thinks I stand at a velvet rope and do clipboard PR.” – Durée

“Honestly, my family has no idea what I do.”- Shannon

“They think I sell ideas.”- Sue

“My family thinks I plan parties and post on social media all day.”- Caroline

“They think I go to fancy parties and peruse Instagram and Facebook all day.”- Alisha

“My family thinks I attend cool, fancy, fun events every night.”- Gaby

“They think I sit on Facebook all day.”- Sam

“My family thinks that I work with social media all day and therefore they constantly ask me for social media advice.”- Jackie

“My son thinks my job is to seat by the computer all day, and somehow people I know appear in the newspaper or the TV a few days later.”- Ana Maria

As publicists, some of our responsibilities include brand management and securing positive media coverage for our clients. How do we do this? Well, we draft press releases, pitch (sometimes stalk) media and plan and execute special events, just to name a few. Although a publicist is never “offline,” it’s extremely rewarding to see our clients get the best media coverage and know we were a part of making that happen.

About Durée & Company

Durée & Company, Inc. is an award-winning full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Aspen, Colorado. The firm serves the corporate, agency and non-profit arenas for local, national and international clients focusing on public relations for real estatepublic relations for restaurantspublic relations for law firmspublic relations for charitiespublic relations for healthcare, and many more. Durée & Company services include Public RelationsSocial MediaMarketingAdvertisingSpecial Events, and Radio Promotions and Outreach.

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