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Patented SHASHI Mesh Grip Socks Bring Unparalleled Elegance and High Performance to Everything from Barre and Pilates to the Dance Floor

By December 10, 2019No Comments

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ― When Barre and Pilates enthusiast Natalie Lerch Sudit designed her new fashion-forward and functional SHASHIgrip socks as an alternative to the unimaginative, bulky socks on the market, she conceived an entirely new level of performance for all who enjoy these popular fitness programs. Today, her line of patented SHASHI grip socks ― the original mesh sock ― is taking over the Barre, Pilates, yoga and dance worlds of fashion and function as well as activities that go beyond the studio.


SHASHI technology pairs a unique mesh top with a full-sole grip, ideal for even the toughest workouts. Created with a sense of style, these hygienic, functional and cool socks are ideal for Barre, Pilates, yoga and dance lovers who desire high performance, but don’t want to give up fashion when they exercise.  The socks are also ideal for rehabilitation.


What separates SHASHI socks from all other studio socks are their performance. Features of these unique products are:


  • Mesh and breathable, allowing instructors to see their clients’ feet (similar to being barefoot) and correct their form.
  • COOLMAX® moisture wicking fabric technology that keeps feet dry from sweat ― not clammy in winter or overheated in summer.
  • Shaped to fit the feet ― no extra bulky fabric where toes don’t go.
  • Large slip-resistant grips, that grip without being intrusive to the bottom of the feet.


In addition, SHASHI socks can be worn outside of the studio and be incorporated into everyday lifestyles. The socks can be worn with everything from sandals to high heels and booties – either as a hidden layer of comfort or a visible fashion accessory. The brand even offers a selection of bridal-themed socks, as a unique accent to a wedding or formal gown.


“When I couldn’t find socks that matched my passion for performance, I knew that I could do better,” said Lerch Sudit, founder of SHASHI. “SHASHI was born out of my desire to create grip socks that are breathable, fit and grip properly, and are pretty and elegant ― something that I would wear outside of the studio. SHASHI socks are essentially party dresses for the feet!”


SHASHI socks are available in several styles: regular toe, split toe, open toe, no show, and ballet tie in a variety of fashionable colors, in left and right foot design. SHASHI offers the Classic, Star, Sweet, Essentials and Artist Series Collections. They are available at, as well as on Amazon. Prices start at $16 per pair. Multi-packs are available.



Patented as the original mesh sock, SHASHI provides hygienic, functional and elegant socks for high-quality performance in Barre, Pilates, yoga, dance, and even rehabilitation. Founded by Barre and Pilates enthusiast Natalie Lerch Sudit, SHASHI offers regular toe, split toe, open toe, no show, and ballet tie in a variety of fashionable colors. They are available at, as well as on Amazon. SHASHI is a National Women Business Owners Corporation Member. For more information, visit, call 561-447-8800, or email

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