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Pike & Lustig, LLP-TURNPIKE LAW® Wins a Special Recognition

By April 11, 2014June 4th, 2018No Comments
attorney at law pike and lustig

Pike & Lustig, LLP-TURNPIKE LAW® continues to distinguish itself as an exceptional law firm, as it was recently named Boutique Law Firm of the Month by Attorney at Law Magazine®. As our client, Pike & Lustig, LLP-TURNPIKE LAW makes it a point to share not only its successful verdicts, but also its ties and commitment to South Florida. As our friends, the firm’s Managing Partner Mike Pike and Partner Daniel Lustig share a mutual work ethic of not sleeping until the job is done. So it goes without saying that we all love a good cup of coffee …

We’re especially proud of their recognition in Attorney at Law Magazine because the writer, Katherine Bishop, includes their hard-working backgrounds, esteemed professional careers and hours of nonprofit contributions. Being named Boutique Law Firm of the Month takes into account their accomplishments both in the courtrooms and the community.

Pike & Lustig, LLP-TURNPIKE LAW practices in the areas of personal injury, business litigation and insurance litigation. According to the Attorney at Law article, approximately 40 percent of the firm’s caseload is business/insurance litigation, and 60 percent is personal injury and wrongful death cases, including highway and trucking accidents.

Just as we practice here at Durée & Company, Pike & Lustig, LLP-TURNPIKE LAW is committed to providing the best service and getting the best results for its clients. Creativity, business acumen, a keen understanding of the industry and solid, well-earned relationships are the hallmarks of our businesses, which is why the Durée & Company team understands and respects the team at Pike & Lustig, LLP-TURNPIKE LAW.

Congratulations for being recognized for your work and generous contributions, Mike and Daniel. We are excited to represent you.

Attorney at Law Magazine- Pike & Lustig - Pike & Lustig profile- Vol3 No2


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