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Help Rising Tide Make a Wish Come True

By March 10, 2014June 4th, 2018No Comments
rising tide car wash

Rising Tide co-founders John and Thomas D’Eri have been in the “wish” business, as of late.

One of their wishes recently came true, when their socially conscious business model and local success story of creating Rising Tide Car Wash was featured on an international stage at the TEDxCoconutGrove conference.

On Feb. 7, John and Thomas gave a 17-minute talk about their business and how it is changing the lives of individuals with autism. View their talk here:

Then right on the heels of having one wish granted, they received another – Rising Tide Car Wash was named the winner of a $5,000 TEDxCoconutGrove Hope Prize for making great strides in fulfilling its “wish” to help people with autism connect with their communities. Rising Tide is reinvesting the $5,000 prize back into the business, updating its signage and pay station system, to further enhance its customer experience.

From a PR perspective, it is extremely gratifying to see a client rise and soar within their industry. Our team has been working with Rising Tide since the D’Eri family opened their doors in April 2013, and we’ve seen them be recognized, admired, celebrated and now shared as a model for employing people with autism.

The next wish to be granted to the Rising Tide Car Wash team will require the community to show its support.

Rising Tide has been selected to attend the acclaimed Unreasonable Institute Global social impact accelerator program May 30July 6, 2014, in Boulder, CO. The program matches 13 carefully vetted ventures from across the globe with 50 mentors and more than 100 funders. Its goal is to help each of the ventures to scale up to meaningfully impact the lives of over 1 million people each.

In order for Rising Tide COO Thomas D’Eri to attend, Unreasonable Institute Global is reaching out to the public to donate $12,700 by March 14 to pay his tuition. Rising Tide tuition donations will go directly to Unreasonable Institute Global, a 501(c)(3) organization.  To make a tax-deductible donation to Rising Tide’s/D’Eri’s Unreasonable Institute Global tuition, please visit

If this wish is granted, it benefits not only Rising Tide, but also the South Florida community and other communities that want to learn how to create an employment model for their residents with autism.

It’s a wish that can come true with the click of a button.  Let’s make it happen, shall we?

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