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The Communications Strategy for Residential Real Estate that Works

By March 16, 2021No Comments
Residential Real Estate Strategy

When the residential real estate market is booming, or even when it’s on a downswing, it’s most likely that public relations is playing a part in some of the most successful real estate professionals’ achievements. After all, residential real estate is no longer just about selling a house, a condo, a location or a city. With so many real estate professionals eager to take on business, now you must sell your unique approach, personalized services or specialties. How is your communications strategy improving your real estate business?

With more than 20 years in the public relations industry, we at Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company know the public relations strategy for residential real estate that works. Through our proven tactics and expertise, we have exceeded expectations for even the most discerning clients. Below are some of our tricks of the trade:

  • Create consistent marketing and PR key messaging

    It’s crucial to make sure press releases, social media, e-blasts, ads, website, etc. have consistent messaging. If something about the project changes, be sure to edit across all platforms to avoid any confusion. For example, if there is a newly designed logo, make sure it is changed on all public relations materials and marketing platforms to keep everything uniform. Also, ensuring that all messaging is cohesive will help build a brand and make it recognizable. Repetition is effective!

  • Build your brand

    A brand should not only reflect who you are but also reflect the personality of the clientele that is being targeted. Having a brand guidelines document is key to making sure that fonts, colors, messaging, etc. are uniform throughout. A brand is how people will think of the business, so make sure the brand is positioned the way you want it to be viewed.

  • Host events

    Bring people to you! Whether it’s an open house, groundbreaking, or happy hour event at a sales gallery, it’s important to get people on site to show them what you’re selling. Events are also a great way to gather contact information to uncover new leads.

  • Bring the media to you

    Aside from hosting events for potential buyers or sellers, you can also host events for media. This gives them an exclusive look at what’s being sold. Sometimes, seeing the magic in person and not only reading about it in an email/pitch is just what the journalist needs to be inspired. If hosting in-person events isn’t an option, get creative! Organize virtual events, such as exclusive sneak peeks or open houses, on Zoom, Facebook Live, or another video streaming service.

  • Keep up with connections

    Whether it’s in-person or virtually, keep in contact with your network. You never know who may know someone looking to buy or rent. Connections don’t only apply to real estate industry contacts ― it’s critical to have strong connections in the media. That’s where we at Durée & Company come in. As the PR agency, we develop unique media pitches for each client to distribute to our media contacts.

With the right blend of branding, consistent messaging, events, networking, media pitching, and more, your communication strategy for residential real estate will be a top seller! Find out more about how to find success in residential real estate by contacting us at Durée & Company.


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