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The true advantage of doing business in Fort Lauderdale

By May 31, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
broward public relations


When you think of the advantages of working in Fort Lauderdale, the words that come to mind are typically, weather, warm, and sunny. Yes, variations on a theme, aren’t they?

But when I think of working and growing my business in Fort Lauderdale, I think of

  • a centrally located region between the traditional elegance of Palm Beach County and the global glitz of Miami-Dade
  • a hub of individuals who have personal, professional and academic ties to the area and are active, educated and involved
  • a diverse collection of experts who bring their cultural ties to the city, making it a true melting pot of perspectives

Thirteen years ago, I started my firm here before I was married and had my two children, and it is has been a phenomenal decision. Durée & Company has benefited from doing business in Fort Lauderdale, and my company is not alone.

According to a recent Sun-Sentinel article, the city is ranked 14th in firm growth of women-owned businesses. Durée & Company is among the nearly 230,000 other women-owned firms in the Fort Lauderdale-Miami metro area. I guess others have discovered what I’ve always known – yes, the weather is great – but the business opportunities are even better.