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Why Social Media Pros Should Embrace “The Art of Planning”

By April 12, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments

Social logosIt may take only a few seconds to read through social media posts, but there is a lot of background work and research involved in crafting these posts. At Durée & Company, we manage various social media accounts for our clients, and have found that our calendars are a helpful tool to keep us ahead of the curve.

One of the keys to being a successful Social Media Manager is to produce tangible results for clients. Not only do these calendars help with organization, but they provide insight on what’s trending in the social landscape.

It may seem that this sort of planning takes too much time, but it really doesn’t! For example, we’ve seen our followers and those we follow share posts about popular hashtag holidays, including “National Puppy Day” or “National Pizza Day.” Setting aside some time to do a little research pays off in a big way. By planning ahead of time and preparing tailored posts, our clients can play a proactive role in these conversations.

Once the research is completed and the calendar is planned, the next step is to schedule your posts. Did you know that Facebook has incorporated its own easy-to-use scheduling feature? This and many other tools are available and can help save time. You can even opt to have Facebook send a notification once your scheduled post goes live.

One of the most important steps in any social media campaign strategy is to track, analyze and monitor the results and feedback that posts generate. We hear a number of questions from clients including, “How many times a day should we post? Which past posts generated the most activity? What time of day do you get the most likes?” All of these questions can be addressed by simply referring back to your list of pre-scheduled and delivered posts, and analyzing where, when and how the greatest interaction occurs.

As social media continues to evolve it is important to remain up-to-date and educated on what works. Planning out social content is an efficient time-saver and the best way to track successful social interactions.

Time to get to planning!

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