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Blogger’s Block: 5 Ways to Overcome It

By August 23, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments

bloggers block Durée and company It’s inevitable. There’s going to be a time in every writer’s life where he or she can’t quite figure out what to write. At Fort Lauderdale-based PR firm Durée & Company, we experience writer’s block from time to time. Lately, it has been in the form of blogger’s block, as we do a lot of blogging for our clients! However, like many PR challenges, we have a remedy for this, and find relief by simply reviewing this go-to list of ideas. Below, we’ve shared our list of top 5 ideas to help overcome blogger’s block:

  1. Listicles: (a D&Co favorite!) Listicles have a way of clearly sharing ideas and they are easy to understand. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: people love “snackable” content that’s easy to consume. Take a look at D&Co’s listicle on maintaining Facebook credibility.
  2. How-to: People are always searching the internet and YouTube for “how to” do things. Offering tips and tricks also shows that you know how your industry works and you are a reliable source when is comes to industry advice.
  3. Trends: Trends are more of a time-sensitive topic. As soon as new trends emerge on social media, be sure to check out the feature firsthand and generate an opinion on it so that you can share with you readers.
  4. Unique Holidays: This is another favorite at D&Co! There is a designated “holiday” for almost everything these days. Yes, there is a World Play Your Ukulele Day. Research the internet and find a unique holiday that makes sense for your brand and marketing objectives. Check out D&Co’s blog for Book Lovers Day.
  5. Seasonality: If a major holiday is coming up, use it to create a fun post. It’s good to mix it up and keep your readers entertained. For example, for Christmas D&Co created a blog with all of our favorite Christmas songs.

As blogging continues to grow in popularity, it’s essential that you’re prepared as a writer. Content is king, so having an expandable list of topics will help prevent blogger’s block. If you do get stuck, it’s good to know that the list above can help get you started down a productive path.

Do you have your own ideas for how to overcome blogger’s block? Let us know!

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