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Which Social Media Metric is the Most Valuable?

By February 22, 2022No Comments

Measuring the performance of a social media page based on the number of followers and fans you have is no longer enough. Social platforms have evolved and so have the analytics behind them. Social media metrics are important because they prove a business can measure how successful a campaign is and help track overall goals. In addition, social media metrics keep a business aware of the brand’s overall online health and track the impact of its social media presence with data to back it up. At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we strive to help our clients create content that holds value and addresses their audience’s needs to effectively engage with them on social media. Here are four valuable social media metrics a brand should be assessing right now.

  1. Engagement: Likes, Comments, Shares and Clicks

How engaging is the brand’s content? Start paying attention to what content generate the most replies, likes, comments and retweets. Engagement is a way to measure a page’s fans and personal connections with a brand, which ultimately leads to more success on and off its social media channels. Engagement is an effective way to gauge the impact a company is actually making in the social world.

  1. Awareness: Impressions and Reach

Post reach and post impressions will give a business an idea of roughly how many people are seeing a given post. Post reach refers to how many unique visitors or social media users saw the actual content. Post impressions refers to how many times a brand’s target audience has seen content appear on a user’s screen. Monitoring post reach and post impressions is also a great way to evaluate if a business is posting at the right time of day. It also helps someone know if they are using the right combination of hashtags or keywords in a post.

  1. Audience and Follower Growth

Knowing how many followers a brand has is useful. It gives the business an idea of how many people it could potentially reach with a campaign. However, there is a much more useful metric — audience growth. This tells a business what action is increasing attention for the brand. To increase audience growth, a business needs to pay close attention to what strategies are leading to more followers. Use this as inspiration for future tactics and try switching up strategies until they are as successful and effective as possible.

  1. Customer Care: Response Rate and Time

Keep the conversation going and keep people wanting more. The interactions a business has on social media can be a powerful force in converting sales, clicks or generating overall interest toward a brand. Customer loyalty is one of the crucial social media metrics from the perspective of brand credibility, authority, and repeat visitors. Most customers expect a quick response. In doing so, it keeps consumers under the impression that the brand is authentic and respects its followers.

These metrics combined will give a business a really good view of its social media performance. Tracking these key metrics can be extremely challenging for budding businesses. At Durée & Company, we know time is valuable. If your business needs help with creating goals and measuring its success, we can provide guidance to increase a brand’s presence. Contact us today for all of your business’ social media strategy needs.


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