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Keep These Key Online Branding Principles in Mind

By September 6, 2022No Comments

In a crowded marketplace, what makes a business rise to the top? Or a better question; what makes them stay afloat? At Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency, Durée & Company we recognize that an online presence is critical for any business. And no matter the brand’s industry, there are essential branding principles to keep in mind.

It’s important to take note of the brands that have established themselves yet continue to evolve. These brands have remained relevant to fit the growing needs of their customers while staying true to themselves. Our decades of experience in the PR and marketing industries give us valuable insight and working knowledge of how to build successful brands and multifaceted strategies.

Use a WordPress website. 

Establishing a website is like a digital home base for everything brand related. Building a website on a solid foundation like WordPress is not only worth the investment but can also save costly headaches over time. When building the site, use a hosting platform that automatically updates WordPress and comes with security certificates (SSL). These measures will lower the risk of hacking and can make enhancements easier to perform.

Coordinate branding elements.

Once you’ve identified the brand’s digital presence, staying consistent is key. All the other digital collateral—like a website, domain names, social media pages and handles—should reflect the brand’s identity. Both the visual and the written forms can be created as templates, so the brand remains recognizable and consistent.

In other words, everything representing a brand should look and feel the same. Applying consistent usage of messaging, color, and style, all brand assets should capture the brand’s spirit. Coordinating these branding elements serves as a guide for future campaigns.

Utilize a blog regularly.

One of the keys to ranking high in search engine results is consistent blogging. For each blog post published on a website, a new URL is created. With every newly created URL, comes a new opportunity to improve organic search. Add in keywords and topics, carefully crafted to align with a brand’s mission and higher rankings will result that subsequently position a brand as an industry expert.

Durée & Company carefully crafts blog topics and titles by thinking like a searcher. For example, our International Sushi Day vs. National Sushi Day? Celebrate Both! blog post continues to be the gift that keeps on giving! If you Google ‘National Sushi Day’ you’ll be sure to spot our PR company at the top of the first page.

Using blog posts as part of a brand’s social media content marketing strategy drives more website visitors. It’s a great way to tie a company’s social pages and websites together.

Develop a consistent social media strategy.

One essential way to reach and connect with consumers is social media marketing. It validates a brand by sharing its message with focused communication. It’s no longer an option, but the key to showing that a brand is active and relevant. When working with a brand, a public relations agency develops a content calendar that is both strategic and easy to follow.

With the help of the seasoned branding professionals at Durée & Company, we can assist with developing a brand that gets noticed every time. We can also develop an online checklist that ensures branding principles remain consistent. Contact us today to find out how!


About Durée & Company 

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